Copy all phones app to other phone

I have a situation that we have to provide devices (android) to classes and we have a master phone that need to cloned to other phones.

We have setup google account for each devices with same ID.
using this method is good so we can install it and choose which devices we want to install an application. But for mirroring apps to other phone, we need other method that need less interaction, so I can do other work.

Solution is using ADB for installing the apps through linux terminal.
We are using lineageOS so it more faster and less bloatware.

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rain the world

Time will make you learn something.

It might a good thing for you, or sometimes bad thing.
But, with that you will learn how to pass your next day better and better.

Learn to be more human.
more Love to other, spread all that love to everyone

World will need all our love to survive
Let’s cut all of that war from our world

What is this feeling? is it because of raining now.
Let your tear drop while the rain drop to your face.

Thank you rain and love to bring happiness to my world
Hope everyday I will see rain during my day.

rain outside

the weather is cloudy outside,
and its began to rain,
again and again, i have the same feeling about this..
a feel to remain me about some memory of this rain.
because rain is also make a memory on me.

some drop into my skin,
sometimes comfort and sometimes hard

rain rain rain..
its give live to other living creature
give em a chance to more life..

welcome to rainy day..
cheers.. even its rain


yes it is

ada banyak hal yang bisa kita lakukan, salah satunya adalah relax and trying to free your mind from outside world.
yes it is, you have your own world to discover…
you may find yourself as in a lonelyness and sometimes it was just come to be boring to be a man.

but why it should happen? is it a time that we must spend our time in a lonely way or something..
or maybe just isolated from other world.

well, not everyone knows what was happening to them, they only just realize it was just like that.

so do i, feel to be alone is sometimes necessary, to make you more calm, and not to be arrogant.

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lonely angels

lonely being of me.
so lonely is not always bad.
sometimes when you want to be silent you need to be lonely.
it will make you like human

just know your self by the lonely
for something that you don’t know
be lonely sometimes gives you a light
light that bright your soul
soul soul soul that bring up your soul more high

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