save your phone power button

if  you have an android smartphone you might be realize the only way to wake it up is by pressing the power button (except for samsung phone or other phone that has a physical button more than power button).

Imagine, if you are using your phone in one day and have to push for about dozens times, multiply by months, your power button might be broken easily, but because you are using android, there is nothing impossible for it.

There is a software called gravity screen that can save your power button, you can swipe your proximity sensor to wake it up from stand by, that method is the only setting i used for save my battery life.

go to setting, turn on ONLY “Turn Screen ON by Proximity” and turn off other feature. that will save a lot of battery life, but please check first if your phone have proximity sensor before only using this feature.
I use this software on my Lenovo S720 and it works like a charm, but it will not work on Lenovo A369i because its not have proximity sensor.

If you hate about this app to lock your phone, use this method:

At first time you open this app, it will request “activate device administrator – Lock the screen”, just deny it by pressing cancel button.
then scroll down until you have “menu” button, then select “Delayed Lock”
then turn on “Alternative Turn Off Method”

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