yes it is

ada banyak hal yang bisa kita lakukan, salah satunya adalah relax and trying to free your mind from outside world.
yes it is, you have your own world to discover…
you may find yourself as in a lonelyness and sometimes it was just come to be boring to be a man.

but why it should happen? is it a time that we must spend our time in a lonely way or something..
or maybe just isolated from other world.

well, not everyone knows what was happening to them, they only just realize it was just like that.

so do i, feel to be alone is sometimes necessary, to make you more calm, and not to be arrogant.

kesendirian mempunyai banyak makna dalam hidupku.
dengan menjadi sendiri aku bisa lebih tahu diriku.
apa yang terjadi pada diriku, kenapa aku? dan aku!
semua tentang aku.!!!

karena pada saat kita sendiri kita bisa mengenal diri kita.