rainy day on this morning

this morning is got to be rain
and guess what i was in of it
thorough it, and passed it for being safe

those pieces of rain was hurting my hand, my feet and my helmet
dinamically it transform to be bigger than before
more hard than before
and numerous of quantity

but there was an advantages of this rain
just take a look at the rice over those rice field
it will bring some new life to human being
life to our children and grandchildren

don’t be so ego
if you pretend not to allow rain in this season
you might be so ego
ego for not allowing such those plant to have their life
to have some drink, after a lot of time in thirsty
now they have their time to drink as much as they can
and give you an oxygen
oxygen to make you keep breathing over the air

water is basic of this life
dont make water resource become dirt and usefull
it will make all of us become sick
sick of you
sick to be a part of yours
sick to been shared this world to you.

lets keep this water circulate as their behaviour