hide data di 6630

setelah sekian lama tidak menemukan cara untuk menghide data pribadi atau terlarang untuk anak kecil, akhirnya nemu juga di forum caranya. ini dia

dear 6630 friends,

this is to inform u that i have found a way to hide the images that u want to hide from others……

first get Fexplorer and install it in phone…

then find the image directory…

select the file you wanto hide,

then “option>file>set attributes> hidden>on”

then select the file again and renaim it to “XXXXXX.jpg.enc”

then go to the gallery of phone like normal way you go before get Fexplorer,

then u will see the different…….. these hidden files only can open using Fexplore software…..

so make sure you have hide the Fexplorer icon in unrecharbe menu place.

thank you….. if anything u want to know about 6630… just ask……


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