my life is normal again

OKay …

this is recently my status
with a few of days my life was normal again.
it was a matter of time, before you have to choose a wrong decision
thanks god i won’t do such a stupid thing

although is not like an usual, but i think this is better than before
the heart is feel so comfort now.
the  surrounding sound like familiar to me
standing all of that, still guessing what another think of

starting to have a break from the black listed
was make me confused
am i have a good choice or just make a wrong step again

hunting is always never ends
for having the best life companion
pretty on face
pretty in heart
pretty in personality
where did you go?
can i have one of you
just one…
maybe theres enough for me.

another maybe seeing just by a face
not from a heart
Heart is more important than face
although face is necessary