do you know what is the advantages for getting breakfast?

there’s a lot of it you can reach
for example :
1. you are getting stronger to get the work
2. your mind is getting sharp, because your fuel is enough [you know what the meaning of this]
3. you have enough time to waste before had a lunch, whatever it takes, you are not hurry to be hungry
4. by having breakfast mean you saving your money for buying a snack or a bread.

so, i was wrong before,
i were not getting my breakfast,
thats why my head is often get a headhache, and i can’t concentrate at my work.
but this morning i’ve tried to make it as a common activity at the morning.

thanks for breakfast for give a nutrition to your body and mine.


One thought on “breakfast

  1. Baru tau klo sarapan itu berguna? Klo aku sih, ga bisa ninggalin yg namanya sarapan. Makan siang boleh nggak, tp sarapan itu WAJIB hukumnya…
    Lain halnya klo aku kepepet bgt ampe ga sempet sarapan, sistem metabolisme tubuh pun jd kacau…..

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