my QD is back

Okay. this is continued version of my first post of “Ngage QD”

now it was already fixed.
thanks to irvan (new media) for giving me a hand to fixes it
although i can’t give him anything for his help.
hitung-hitung beramal ya :D

the fixing period is about 2-3 days
when it being fixes makes me so lonely without it.
my ngage is just like my asistant/ secretary
its loads lots of my schedule and notes
contact person of course. it contains 350 contact there

back to indonesian version
pang i kaky ngerti masi jak postingan ne. pedalem ye
setiap mace postingan sing taen ngerti :))

begitulah, sekarang dia telah berada disampingku lagi
siap menemani aku lagi.

mulai sekarang aku akan unpack dulu aplikasinya baru install
kapok dah langsung install dari .sis
perhatian perhatian bagi pengguna ngage
karena memori ngage pada drive C
maka berhati hatilah untuk menginstall software
karena jika sampai drive C kalian penuh maka ngage kalian tidak akan tertolong lagi
jalan satu satunya adalah di flash ulang.
meski bahasa indonesianya jadi hilang karena di flash, tapi nggak apa2
as long as i can use it, i will be glad

thanks for all of you, to read my post.


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