template generator

so if you are a template generator for desktop coding, it will be nice.
cause the code is dinamic and depents on user parameter.

i’ve been tried to make a template generator, but it was not published
it was for personal used, cause still remain with bugs and errors
hehe still amateur. waks…

but i think it was good. to make it from scracth…
from the beginning till the end of code.
then publish it as .dll or .ocx file so other can use it, with still the author as your name.

making the generator was a little bit complicated,
you must give a space to catch user input or parameter
than produce the code automatically by your binary code.

sometimes this is so usefull for newbie,
cause make they can produce a fast application. and know that programming world is still deep enough to learn.
and make them to be a template generator candidate

as you can see now, we still need a template generator
to make our world lots of generator. and we can share it for good