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not like an usual day
now i’m vey busy with my work and college.
even when going home, my secondary computer is need an intention, cause had a problem.
the USB port is not responding after i plug something like usb flash disk and other usb device.
don’t know what the problem,
several days ago i’ve cleaned it all from beginning. take the component from part to part to be cleaned, cause maybe it not been cleaned for several months :D

after spraying with an anti corosive liquid and waiting for a while. then i decide to pack the component again into a computer.
plug this, plug those.
then switching the power ON.
and then nothing was happened, the USB port is still not responding me.

so i decide to lend a PCI to USB device from paye [info crew] to make it recognized my USB Flash.
but unfortunately, the device is still has an error icon in device manager.
damn, i forgotten to take the driver. and must wait for a longer time

and now i’ve already had the driver. this evening i’ll try it at home again.
hope it will work.


  • aje nyanan lakar ade ujian Sistem Operasi nok.

padahal konden maan melajah nang abedik
ngantiang i ketempret deen ngalih foto copyane

binsepan melajah bedik, pang ade masi ingetang pas ujian.

posted by deSuk @2006-006-08 11:28

continued :

after i arrive at home sweet home then then
bamm there was a lamp beside my head says to check the BIOS again, so i check it again…
ohhh… it was right the “OnChip USB” is set to disable. maybe it happen when i change the BIOS to “Default Setting” or “Factory Setting” actually i press it both :D just to make it sure the BIOS is all to Default.
but the default just make me confused.
wakakak i’ve to rearrange my PC again before.

you know then.. after i enable the “OnChip USB” then Save it, Windows then recognized it as new Hardware -> USB Device…
ohhh i’m so glad
so i don’t have to buy a PCI to USB interface again that wasting money for nothing.
Thanks for paye to borrowing me him PCI to USB.

And the Case was Close.

posted by deSuk @2006-06-13 16:25