Shogun SP The Spirit within

at last, after a long long time waiting and thinking
its coming home for me.
looking its face beaming a shiny look, so attracting to ride.
with a cover on its deck, so beautifull

on the first day is so blossoming me to go with it
but it was still banned with limitation, i guest it was reasonable to believe.
so with not much time to spend, i started, and kick a starter… :D
its alive.. the sound just like notation of its power undercover.. hehe

my Shogy is still warming up.
finding the perfect moment to launch its full power. breaking all the street law >:)
riding on it is very comfotable, beside of manual clutch it has double disc brake (front & rear)
cause it still a baby so i wont push it to get the max power torsion.
the 125 power is now still on the background. waiting the moment

SP logo make its more sense to be a Sport bike.
revealant of Sport Production maybe mean it will use as a sport…
Coolll meen….

Go go go… SP Spirit…. here i come