Mission aborted

“Mission Aborted…”

theres too many complicated things i’ve to say with this word.
but it was express what i’ve been done on the past day.
you can guest what was it, i open it to you so you can think of it

guessing what it’ll be is so interesting for some people,
but sometimes they make a mistake when guessing it, so it called Gossip
just keep in mind that i wouldn’t tell you that. but you might be right when you
guessing it.

if you had a answer of it don’t tell it to anybody, so it won’t cause something
bad for someone else. cause if you don’t have the right answer you’ll never know
what is it mean.

Happy Guessing…
(take it on your own risk,
if your brain Hang, just format it by command “format c:”
backup your important brain section first before doing that)…