Rainy day…

Its already rainy outside…
with a dark sky over it.

I Feel so comfort inside it.
inside my loneliness… and cold air

make me remember about the past day
when i was in high school, to be wet when go home
on the same season as now…

the rain sound is always the same
can make you sleep so well when you can’t sleep
it’s a melody of life… and you really need it

there’s lots of thing you can do when rainy

  • to be lonely
  • watch TV
  • make a joke with Family or Friends
  • to be wet from the street where you have been came from
  • take an imagination

something you need to think when rainy

  • remember of your laundry
  • not go out without a raincoat
  • something will get wet
  • you will be cold and go to bed when already at home :D

I Would like to say.. Happy rainy season…