Oh No…

This is only a matter of TIME…
still counting down…

i don’t know how much longer i still on my way, cause i prepare to jump for long distance cross my own way to other.
i know this is really hard, but i have to do it,
cause if i ignore it, it will cause more damaged to my eyes…
must find another way to walk within. not the programming world.

Programming maybe is not my fate
(it force my eyes to stare and stare for a long time to monitor),
so i must leave it for works, but i still love it in the way of my brain (some particular time/ for interlude when bored to generating some utilities or the way i like to do).

I’m so sorry for my teacher who gave me a basic instinct to survive in programming world. And now i must leave it, but i will use it for generating a freeware utilities if somebody need it, or some commercial software for supporting my own life…

You can know when i was successed jump to other way when you realized that my blog is not updated for a long time.. :D
so you don’t need to ask somebody about that.

with unpredictable time limit (this is still a mystery)…
thanks for stay with me all of this time..

i wanna say thanks to all that always supporting me
on my way now :
God, My Family,
Info.net crew (Buyung, Jack, Dw KQ, Goestu, Paye, PMan, Tolle,
Arnawa, Nury, Agus And lots more…),
my friends (i can’t mention it one by one so this word is representation of all of you my friends),
my house, my village, my world.

Sorry if i make a mistake…

i hope this will not happen

and i have to finish something before leave it…


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