about Love…

a Love is something that we can’t tell by a word…
it comes from deep of your hearts and beat fast
it express what you feel to someone that you care…

love can be shown by a kiss, huge, and something like (…cencored…)
Love can make somebody happy
love can make somebody sad
love can break your heart become pieces

love can make you Craaaazzzyyyy of aLL
love can make you like a monkey
sometimes like kacang-kacang (peanuts) :)) -> ini untuk yang pernah dikacangin ama yang cinta pada pandangan pertama + dicuekin

love can make you hurt more deep
love is something vulnerable than you though
love is unpredictable…

i have feel love in :
love to my self
love to my lovely family
love to a girls
love to human
love to other creatures
love to world you belong

people sometimes express their love in a different ways
so what you do to express your love?