Question of me…

do i leave programming worlds? there was my big question…

so many reason to prevent me leaving this.
so hard to leave it, cause it was my basic instict in IT worlds…
the first look at IT is programming begin from pascal, then next to visual basic and learning by doing it…
just give it a try then you will learn quick.
programming is not make you bored of something…
your brain is growing up
there will always something new to learn…
lots of programmer to connect and share your problems (depends on who many you have friends you have that work as programmer :D or you can join in a forum and post your problem, sometimes you’ll find your answer there).

but there is another reason that force me to leave this world
my eyes is not too strong to handle this…
they are make a shade in their view to my brain.. hiks hiks
if i force my eyes to stare for much longer it will become more blur
just like photoshop effect (gaussian blur or blur)

some my best friends tell me to wear a glass
but i am affraid it will make my eyes more worse
maybe it can hold the minus not to strong, but not to make you heal from it.

i decide to take a carrot therapy..
and not to stare at monitor too long.


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