Lonely Samurai…

Once upon a time, there was a samurai… with his loneliness he follows the flow of the wind to accross the world..
sometimes he faces danger and disaster, but he trying to be strong to eliminates those… and sometimes he fails.
When he fails he said to himself, “This is a challenge to get success, next time will be better” and he fight again… again… and again…

what we can get from the story is?
in life there was a lots of trouble, and you must try to face it alone.. and when you fail don’t give-up. just try again until you finish it…
nasehatilah dirimu sendiri sehingga kamu tidak terjerumus lebih dalam, dalam kegagalan. berikan nasehat pada dirimu kalau kamu akan dapat menghadapinya.
seiring dengan berjalannya waktu, semua masalah itu akan dapat diselesaikan…


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